The Van der Kelen courses and method

The courses, which are essentially practical, take place over 6 months from October to March. The method is based on progressive learning of the use of the tools specifically developed for the painter-decorator.
The models come from the archives of the last 100 years, complemented by demonstrations and natural samples of the woods and marbles being studied. The traditional techniques of water and oil paint as used in Paris in the 19th century lend durability and a remarkable depth to the work as well as the essential characteristics of that tradition. In the courses the teacher demonstrates the methods and techniques.

The students then practice for themselves, corrected and guided by the teacher until the decisive panel is achieved. This panel is produced on large format paper so that it is easily transportable and may be used as a reference in the painter-decorator’s professional life.
The practical courses are accompanied by insights into potential applications of the decorative techniques studied, as well as rudiments of the history of art and useful information for the professional career.
At the end of 6 months of intensive study the student will be able to imitate more than 30 different woods and 30 different marbles.