Practical information

– good drawing skill;
– experience as house painter is not necessary but can be an advantage.

Entrance and enrolment take place by presenting an application comprising:
– photos of painting and/or drawings;
– curriculum vitae and/or list of schools attended since primary school;
– photocopy of Identity Card or Passport.

Length of courses: 6 months from October to March, 44 hours per week in the studio.

Languages: courses given in French; English, Spanish, German and Dutch on request.

Accommodation: the school offers several rooms with a studio; otherwise there are numerous possibilities of accommodation in the area ( and

We are at your disposal for all additional information. It is also possible to visit the school by appointment.


A week-long practical examination takes place at the end of the course in order to determine the medals and diplomas to be awarded. The international jury gathered together for this purpose takes into account the work done throughout the year as well as projects carried out and practical work.

The practical exam aims at evaluating the student’s potential.
The diploma and medal are recognized throughout the whole world and open the door to all the best opportunities.


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