Imitation of woods
Cedar- Wild cherry – Makassar ebony – Burl elm – Elm wood grain – Limba – African mahogany (Congo) – Bird’s eye mahogany – Female mahogany – Feathered mahogany – Mahogany heartwood – Sapele mahogany – Smooth mahogany – Maple (yellow and gray) – Sycamore maple – Oak silver grain – Oak, heart grain – Bleached oak – Oak parquet – Palisander – Pitch pine – Moiré pitch pine – Poplar – Rosewood – Satinwood – Teak – Thuja – Walnut
Imitation of marble
Bleu Belge -Bleu Fleuri – Bleu Turquin – Breche Violet – Cerfontaine – Château Landon – Cipolino – Comblanchien – Escalette – Golden Yellow Algerian Onyx – Grand Antique – Green Onyx of Brazil – Italian Griotte – Jaune Fleuri – Labrador – Languedoc – Levanto – Mixed Red Campan – Napoleon – Pavonazzo – Pierre de France – Porphyry – Portor – Rosé du Portugal – Saint Anne – Sarrancolin – Sea green – Skyros – Swedish granite – Verde Antique – Verona Red – Yellow Sienna – White Carrara

Advertising and sign lettering
Decorative panels
Friezes – Styles of ceilings – Panoramic
Design courses
Observation – Perspective
False mouldings
Gold and silver leaf and gilding under glass
Semi-precious stones
Stencil study
Technology of painting and ancient techniques
Trompe l’œil and theatre decoration


Thierry Bosquet, Costumier, theatre decorator, responsible for theatre decoration and trompe l’œil.
Michel Lannoye, Teaches lettering, signage and advertising since 1965.
André Lebacq, Sculptor, restorer of paintings, theatre decorator, responsible for perspective drawing.
Alexandre Obolensky, Theatre decorator, responsible for observation drawing and the moving model.
Denise Van der Kelen, Trained between 1970 and 1995 by Clément Van der Kelen, responsible for teaching imitation of wood and marble, as well as decoration.

Sylvie Van der Kelen, Certificated in archaeology and history of art, trained since her formative years, responsible for teaching imitation of wood and marble, gilding and gilding under glass, professional practice and responsible for the works department.

Outside speakers
André Drozd, French cultural heritage architect.
Dr Groessens, Geologist.
Gérard Thollon, Past student specialized in restoration of cultural heritage in France.

As well as past students who come to share their experiences.